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Swedish STS Conference 2024
The theme of the Swedish STS Conference 2024 is Transmissions, Mediations, Interferences.
Transmissions – of knowledge, messages, questions, materials, artefacts, and research objects – occur at all stages of research, in different forms, forums, and with the involvement of diverse entities. Transmissions make the matter of research vibrant and lively, evolving dynamically across multiple trajectories. At their most generative, transmissions are not an "outcome" at the end of the research process, but a dynamic and transformative encounter from the very beginning (Jungnickel 2020) that press upon norms, boundaries, sensibilities and affects as they mediate and create interferences between multiple social worlds, spaces and temporalities that academic research inhabits.

Inertia, established conventions, and standardised evaluation metrics can encourage scholars to pursue familiar paths in their choices of research media (paper, screen, keyboards), audiences (peers), methods and form (texts). We are keen to discuss transmissions that break with these norms and push scholars into uncertain ground; which bring challenges but also possibilities for imaginative renewal, reinvention and political engagement of, with and through scholarly practice. This conference invites scholars to explore critically the dynamism and social life of both conventional and norm-breaking transmission of research in the broad sense of the term and at all stages of the research process.

• Registration closes on 1 September 2024
• Conference: 3-4 October 2024
Organizer: Linköping University
Submitted by: NIKK
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Linköping, Sweden