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'We are all one with everything’: Indigenous epistemes and related knowledges
This seminar explores and illuminates Indigenous- and Sámi relational epistemes as interconnected and response-able ways of knowing, being, and doing beyond settler colonial world-making practices.
To conceptualise Sámi feminist inquiry in a way that resonates with Indigenous epistemes, Ina Knobblock introduces the conceptualisation of related knowledges. By related knowledges, Knobblock indicates feminist knowledges made in intimate and place-specific relations with the land, humans, and nonhuman others.

About Ina Knobblock:
Dr. Ina Knobblock (born in Jiellevárre, 1981) is a Sámi- and Tornedalian scholar. Her dissertation Writing-Weaving Sámi Feminisms: Stories and Conversations (2022) explores, illuminates, and analyses Sámi feminist knowledges. She is a lecturer in gender studies at Gaskeuniversiteete/Mid Sweden University
Organizer: Uppsala University
Website: https//uu.se
Submitted by: NIKK
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30.03.2023 13:15-15:00
Uppsala, Sweden