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CfP: "From Transgender Rage to Trans Joy. Trans Studies through Affective Lens" 23.-25.2.2023
Over the past three decades, trans related issues have evoked strong affects and feelings within and beyond trans communities and activism. The title of this conference does not
thus imply a one-directional movement from rage to joy, but rather aims to cover the vast array of feelings and affective responses arising from, and guiding, the actions of trans
scholars, activists and artists working on knowledge production and political struggles concerning trans lives and rights. It acknowledges the struggles, but also the joy and love in
lived realities and embodied experiences of trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people.

By affective we refer to the rich theoretical field with scholarly work coming from many different fields and approaches – affect as becoming, un/belonging, potentiality, (human
and non-human) body´s capacity to affect and be affected. Yet, it also points to the more mundane intermingling of emotions and feelings connected to trans as an identity, experience, positionality, research field and a political concept.
We are welcoming paper presentations as well as artistic work addressing these affective and emotional entanglements.

Possible paper topics can include, but are certainly not limited to:
• Affective landscapes of trans activism
• What does trans* feel like
• Gender dysphoria / gender euphoria
• Vulnerability of trans bodies
• Affective engagements of/with trans culture
• Trans community care
• T4T as love, relationships and politics

We are inviting contributions to the conference in following forms:

1. Academic paper presentations on your BA, MA, PhD or any other current research, side projects or possible future projects. Unfinished and work-in-progress papers are also most

2. Suggestions for a whole workshop. If you have a certain topic in mind and you would like to gather three to four papers addressing that topic, send us a short description with information on the papers and presenters included.

3. Artistic contributions related to the theme of the conference. Send us a description of the work you would like to display with possible technical requirements (in case of video art
etc.) as well as name and contact info of each artist.

4. Suggestions for caucuses. We will reserve space for meeting for particular groups coming from shared experiences of navigating marginalization, invisibility, or other experiences of
un/belonging. As we all come from different backgrounds and lived realities, it can be important and healing to have a space for meeting and sharing with others with similar
It will also be possible to suggest a caucus during the conference.

All submissions should be around 300 words. Please also include a short bio of each author/artist. Remember to include the names, affiliations (if applicable) and contact information.

The deadline for all submissions is 31.10.2022.

The three-day conference will include paper presentations, keynotes, artistic contributions, and a visit to Del LaGrace Volcano´s exhibition at Tampere Art Museum, including an artist
talk, as well as an evening event with local trans and queer artists.

The conference is planned as a face-to-face event, but presenting via Zoom will also be possible if needed. Please mention in your abstract if you would need to participate online.
The conference is free of charge, but does require registration. Registration will open later in the autumn.

Send your submission, and any questions or concerns that come to mind, to:

You can also find the conference event on FB:

*More information on the events, schedules, locations etc. coming up later in the autumn*
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30.08.2022 - 31.10.2022
Call for papers
Tampere ja verkko, Finland