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ATGENDER Call for candidacy: New board members
ATGENDER is looking for 3 new board members to join boarthe board from 1 November 2020.
ATGENDER, The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation is a broad association for academics, practitioners, activists and institutions in the field of Women’s, Gender, Transgender, Sexuality, and Queer Studies, Feminist Research, women’s, sexual and LGTBQI rights, equality and diversity.
The association constitutes a permanent structure for the growing field of knowledge and practice in Europe.

Dear ATGENDER members,
We are looking for 3 new enthusiastic board members to join our board from 1 November 2020. Board members serve for a three-year term (which can be extended for one more term when re-elected). The Board is composed of working groups that are responsible for particular tasks, such as finance, ‘Teaching with Gender’ book series, communication, external relations, etc.

Are you a member of ATGENDER and willing to candidate for the Board? If so, please send an email to info@atgender.eu with a short motivation letter (2500 characters max.) and a short CV. The deadline to submit candidacy materials is 18 September 2020. All candidates should be current members of ATGENDER.

If you have any questions for current Board members about what is expected or need further clarifications, please don’t hesitate to contact us (info@atgender.eu). You can find more details about the role of board members and the nomination procedure both in our statutes and in the bylaws of ATGENDER.

Best wishes,

The Nomination Committee

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Organizer: ATGENDER
Submitted by: NIKK
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