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2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Gender Studies
International researchers and scientists from academia, industry and government present their studies to a multi-disciplinary audience, exchange experiences, discuss proposals, and disseminate results on women’s and gender studies.
All submitted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, edited under the Creative Commons Licence (Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International/CC BY-ND 4.0), which will also contain a report and catalogue of activities. This book will be available on the WomenBeing webpage to download for free, and it will also be freely distributed to schools, institutions, research centres and individuals who request it.

The aim of this conference is to create an international forum for debate and exchange on the main challenges facing women in today’s society, and to reflect on the ways in which we can, individually and collectively, propose solutions to these problems.

WomenBeing builds upon this momentum by providing a ‘loudspeaker’ for academics, civil servants, researchers, social activists, journalists and private individuals to make their voices heard on the main challenges that women are currently facing.

Join us in Edinburgh to enrich our discussions.
Organizer: Women Being
Submitted by: Genus
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Cultural event
Edinburgh, European
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