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Scientific Persona and its incarnations - forms and functions of scientific and scholarly identity formation
How are scientific personae embodied in (gendered) behaviors and performances, in clothing codes, in appearance, in habits of living and in academic cultures? What kinds of academic femininities and masculinities are associated with the creation of scientific personae in various academic settings and disciplines?
Over the past fifteen years, research on scientific or scholarly persona has burgeoned, bringing to the fore the interplay between cultural ideals of scholarship, embodied academic practices and scientific institutions. Different approaches have been developed in the area. One has focused on the discipline bound virtues and skills that individual scholars are expected to acquire and demonstrate in order to become regarded as credible scholars. Following Steven Shapin (and inspired by Ervin Goffman, Judith Butler and others), the term has also been developed to investigate how social categories like gender, ethnicity and religious affiliation play into the formation of scientific personae – into the relation between the personal and the social, between the scientist as a person and the content of science. The aim of this conference is to bring these discussions forward with a focus on the embodied and gendered aspects of scientific or scholarly personae.
Organizer: Stockholm University | KU Leuven | University of Groningen
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23.11.2018 - 24.11.2018
Stockholm, Sweden