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Call for Papers: Special Issue PROTEST
One way of telling the story of feminism is to tell it as a story of protest: protest against, protest for, protest within. In this issue, we invite contributors to reflect on the histories, presents, and futures of protest through a feminist lens.
What counts as protest? What counts as successful protest? Can feminism be seen as a history of protests, or itself a kind of protest? What makes a protest feminist? What have been the forms of protest favored by gender and sexual minorities? In what ways have the historical acts of protest that are excluded from feminism’s official narratives shaped the context for protest today? What role do gendered, racialized and ableist stereotypes play in shaping the image of the iconic protester in any given protest? Whose bodies are always already terrorists, rather than protestors? When and how, in protest, do sex, sexiness and sexuality come to the fore? What is the place of allies and solidarity? In what ways have recent protests not explicitly on gender issues amplified our understanding of feminism as multiple (or plural)?

We welcome submissions that are interdisciplinary and span the humanities and social sciences.

Scholarly articles and inquiries should be sent to WSQProtestIssue@gmail.com. We will give priority consideration to submissions received by September 15, 2017. Please send complete articles, not abstracts. Submissions should not exceed 6,360 words.

Poetry submissions should be sent to WSQ’s poetry editor Patricia Smith at WSQpoetry@gmail.com by September 15, 2017.

Fiction, essay, and memoir submissions should be sent to WSQCreativeProse@gmail.com by September 15, 2017.
Organizer: Feminist Press
Submitted by: Genus
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Call for papers
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