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Open access online training: Encountering gender-based violence in schools
Tampere university researchers of the international EraseGBV project offer a compiled 12-hour research-based training.
A significant number of children and adolescents are subjected to physical, emotional and sexual gender-based violence. It is therefore essential to increase the awareness, knowledge and skills of violence prevention among teachers and other professionals of education, social welfare and health care sectors.

The training is suitable for both students and those who already work with children and young people. It consists of the following seven sections that deal with gender-based violence from the perspectives of victims, perpetrators and bystanders:

1. Information about gender-based violence
2. Legislative framework
3. Gender stereotypes and the dynamics of violence
4. Tools for identification and intervention
5. Tools for discussing violence
6. Practices for processing violence
7. Prevention work

The open access online training is available free of charge in Finnish, Swedish and English via the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL). You can study the training on your own or as a group. It can also be integrated in university teaching.

To sign up for the first time go to the address https://verkkokoulut.thl.fi/, choose language and create an account. When you are logged in, search for the training by name: Encountering gender-based violence in schools (English), Bemötande av könsbaserat våld i skolor (Swedish), Sukupuolistuneen väkivallan kohtaaminen kouluissa (Finnish). Then click “enrol me” to join. You can then take a look at the training and return to it via a short link as often as you wish to.
Organizer: Tampere University
Submitted by: NIKK
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01.01.2022 - 31.12.2022
Online, Finland