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Nordic Seminar: LGBTI People’s Safety and Well-being – Good Practices in the Nordics
Date and Time: Tuesday, November 30, 13:00 - 17:00 (EET, Helsinki)
Language: English
Target groups: experts, decision-makers, public authorities and civil society actors
Participation: live in Helsinki and online

The program and registration link will be published later.

You are warmly welcome to join the discussion in November and to share the invitation with your colleagues and network.

 LGBTI people’s well-being and safety in the Nordic region
 good practices to address hate crime and harassment against
LGBTI people in the Nordics
The Nordic countries are among the most progressive in the world when
it comes to LGBTI people’s well-being and security. Nevertheless, LGBTI
people are significantly more at the risk of becoming victims of violence
and hate crimes than rest of the population. Most of these incidents are
not reported to the police or other public authorities.
In order to improve LGBTI people’s safety in the Nordic region, it is
crucial to study the past and ongoing efforts.
Based on a mapping on structures and policies around hate crime and
violence commissioned by the Finnish presidency in the Nordic Council
of Ministers, the seminar will gather Nordic experts to share good
practices and discuss the important topic. The best and most effective
solutions can be found together – building on the strong competence
and lessons learnt in the Nordic region.
Organizer: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Submitted by: Finland
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30.11.2021 13:00-17:00
Helsinki, Finland