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The Angry Internet – knowledge and tools for professionals
Invitation to an international conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, and online
June 23 2021, 13.00-16.15 Danish time
Preliminary program
13.00 Introduction
Adam Holm, moderator, journalist and author, Denmark
13.10 Welcoming address
Peter Hummelgaard, Minister for Employment and Equal Opportunities, Denmark
13.20 Knowledge
13.20 What is the manosphere?
Christian Mogensen, author of the report The Angry Internet, Centre for Digital
Youth Care, Denmark
13.50 Is the incel subculture a security threat?
Lisa Kaati, senior scientist and group leader, Swedish Defence Research Agency,
14.00 How do boys encounter social media?
Þórður Kristinsson, high school teacher and PhD student, University of Iceland,
14.15 What do we know about the manosphere?
Christian Mogensen and Stine Rand, Centre for Digital Youth Care, Denmark
Lisa Kaati, Swedish Defence Research Agency, Sweden
Þórður Kristinsson, University of Iceland, Iceland
14.45 Break
15.00 Tools
15.00 Samspel – Violence prevention through gaming
Adam Wassrin, method developer, MÄN, Sweden
Sam Bäfvenberg, project leader, Sverok, Sweden
15.15 Boys’ House – Gender sensitive youth work in online communities
Kalle Laanterä, union manager, Loisto setlementti ry, Finland
15.25 How do we promote inclusive online environments for boys and young
Adam Wassrin, MÄN, Sweden
Sam Bäfvenberg, Sverok, Sweden
Kalle Laanterä, Loisto setlementti ry, Finland
Christian Mogensen, Centre for Digital Youth Care, Denmark
Organizer: Nordic Council of Ministers
Submitted by: Jafnrettisdagatal
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23.06.2021 13:00-16:15 Danish time
á vefnum, Denmark