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Cambridge, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Coming Together: Putting Gender back on the Agenda
Submit your abstract on gender in archaeology, to the Cambridge Annual Student Archaeology Conference Sep. 14, 2018 - Sep. 16, 2018, Cambridge.
Call for papers

, Internasjonalt CfP Special issue: Gendering Memory
Articles should be prepared according to the guidelines for submission on the inside back
cover of the journal or at Please contact if you wish to discuss potential ideas for an article.
Call for papers

Nuremberg, Germany CfP: Gender and Labour Disputes: Perspectives Past and Present
The planned conference will aim to highlight aspects of societal and historical change through gender-sensitive analysis of disputes and conflicts in and around paid work.
Call for papers

Reykjavík, Island Border Regimes, Territorial Discourses and Feminist Politics
The 2019 NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research – conference focuses on the theme of material and symbolic borders in a period of nationalist revival. What explains the return to territoriality? What kind of political, cultural, and social boundaries are being constructed or reproduced? How are border regimes in the present and the past shaping and gendering relations? How are new or redefined boundaries affecting work for social justice and equality as well as intersectional, gender, queer and feminist research? And how can feminist resistance be organized against paternalistic modes that reinstate and reinforce relations of inequality?
We invite you to submit paper proposals, which rely on contemporary and/or historical perspectives, for this cross-disciplinary conference.
Call for papers

, Danmark CfP: Queer Death Studies: Coming to Terms with Death, Dying and Mourning Differently
Special issue Women, Gender & Research, 2019/2-3.
This special issue invites academic as well as artistic contributions that focus on and explore the ways queer theory and queer perspectives can help us rethink death, dying, remains, afterlife, mourning and the life-death dichotomy.
Call for papers

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