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Professional Certificate in Strategic Gender Equity Planning
Dato: 18.09.2017 - 22.09.2017  Tid:
Sted: London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
The International Centre for Parliamentary Studies has worked with delegates from 88% of the world's countries and a variety of international organisations including the World Bank, OSCE, the UNDP and UN Women. Our primary aim is to empower human capital through capacity building. To this end, we organise a range of training programmes and policy discussions.

If you would like to accept our offer and participate in this programme, please contact us directly or register online as soon as possible. Training topics include:

• Develop your skill set and core competencies in assessing, achieving and promoting greater gender equality
• Rapidly enhance your knowledge through examining a broad range of topics from gender and governance, health, education and development to stakeholder analysis and the development of action plans
• Have the opportunity to obtain the internationally recognised professional Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualification
• Network and share ideas with colleagues from around the world
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International Centre for Parliamentary Studies
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