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The Power of Words and Scientific Perspectives: A Distance Course in Theory of Science and Study Design in Relation to Global Justice
The course offers postgraduate students training in critical science and in making ethical research assessments.
Upon completion of the course, students are expected to be able to, amongst other things outlaid in the syllabus attached:

Knowledge and understanding
- describe the connections between scientific theoretical positions and research issues, study design and research methods.
- give examples of how gender and other power systems can impact the production of knowledge.

- reflect on ethics, theory of science and gender perspectives in relation to research on global health.
Skills and abilities

- critically analyse their own research and that of others, based on theory of science and ethical perspectives.
- identify situations characterized by power asymmetries/inequities in academia, research and the global and local issues relevant to health.

- identify the need for further research and link to relevant theories of science and ethical standpoints within their own field of research.
Organizer: Linnaeus University
Submitted by: GenusAttachment: Course syllabus POW May 2018.pdf
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15.10.2018 - 10.01.2019
Online, Sweden