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PhD course: Intersectional Perspectives on Work Life
The Department of Sociology and Gender Studies at Mid Sweden University give the course Intersectional Perspectives on Work Life between 6 November 2018 and 26 February 2019.
We invite all PhD students interested in deepening their theoretical and methodological understanding of intersectionality and work life with focus on feminist epistemologies, globalized work and feminist ethics, the organizing of resistance and intersectionalized worker identities. This is a transnational course that provides the opportunity for students to meet teachers from Malta, UK, Turkey and Sweden. Teachers will be located in either Östersund, Sundsvall or online. Students can choose to participate from Östersund or Sundsvall. Lectures will also be available online for off campus students. All students are expected to attend examination seminars that will take place in either Sundsvall or Östersund.
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Sundsvall | Östersund, Sweden