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Call for Papers: Special issue on "Nordic feminisms"
We welcome research on activism related to particular issues and campaigns - broad or narrow - and we welcome articles on local movements as well as national, Nordic and transnational networks and organizations. We welcome comparative research, whether across time, place or topics. We hope to have contributions from all the five Nordic countries.
The aim of this issue is to present a variety of research on women's movements/feminist inspired social movements and organisations in the Nordic region. The aim is also to provide critical analysis of mainstream representations of the Nordic region as particularly gender equal and women friendly exploring the diversity and the heterogenity of feminist identities and practices from indigenous, queer and antiracist feminism to women´s/feminists mobilisations and struggles.

Contributions could focus on issues such as:
- The history of women's and feminist organizing in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and/or Sweden
- The mobilization of particular groups of women, such as working class women, rural women, indigenous women, migrant women
- Campaigns for specific rights; such as reproductive rights, rights to paid employment, equal pay, political representation
- The relationship between women's organizations and the state; the notion of state feminism
- New ways of protesting; the role of social media and popular culture
- Transnational organizing and the role of the EU, UN and CEDAW
- Cooperation and conflicts between feminist movements, LGBTQ movements and anti-racist movements

Abstracts, 300 words, should be submitted by the end of October.
Full text have to be submitted by January 15th.
Organizer: Beatrice Halsaa and Diana Mulinari
Submitted by: Genus
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