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Atgender Spring Conference 2017: Bridging gender research and policy making: missing links, good practices, future scenarios
The 2017 edition of the ATGENDER Spring conference is dedicated to building dialogues between gender researchers, activists, students, educators and policy makers.
The main goal of this conference is to address gaps between academic research in gender studies and the practice of gender policy making and implementation in light of current political and social issues in Europe. The conference invites participants to consider how to make gender research more accessible outside the academic community and how to make gender policy better informed by recent scholarship. It also urges participants to think about how to overcome the dualism of theory and practice in the quest for future gender equality in Europe.

A modest scheme of grants will ensure the participation of institutional and student members who are involved in the activities of ATGENDER. During the conference, the General Assembly for ATGENDER and Elections of new Board members will take place. The General Assembly will also be a space for ATGENDER members to engage in conversation with Board members to discuss the future of the organisation.
Organizer: ATGENDER
Submitted by: NIKK
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19.04.2017 - 21.04.2017
Vilnius, European